5 Benefits of Editing your Videos Before Publishing on your YouTube Channel

Do you want thousands of visitors on your YouTube Channel and Of Course the Subscribers too hitting that Bell Icon? 

Its a Dream of Any Youtuber, getting a Lot of People to Watch his Youtube Channel and Subscribe to her / him. 

Its hence necessary that as a Youtuber you have edited your Video Content before you publish it on Youtube.com 

Benefit 1: Looks, like You are Serious at your GAME!

Editing your Videos with Proper Name Tags, Highlighted Points, Icons, Images, gifs and most importantly your Company Logo makes your Video Look very Professional. Every YouTuber should take care that no video should go up Live without editing it to a required level.  

Benefit #2: A Visual Speaks Thousand Words….

Isn’t it? While you developed a Video that was your intention. Videos that are edited before posting, do 6 times better than those that aren’t edited at all. If you cannot afford the Professional Editing services, Do use DIY services softwares that are FREE or at a very marginal rates. Few such Video Editors are: 

Wondershare Filmora

Kinemaster Video Editor

Inshot Editor On Phone
 (Download from Playstore)  

Benefit #3: Retention & Combackability: 

A Good 5-7 Seconds intro, Screen Separators and Extro with Call to Action sets a Good Flow for your Video. A Good Editing team can help you set a Nice Flow of the Video and your videos can get repeat viewers to subscribe to and come back to watch your next videos without fail. Editing improves Retention of your Content, helps you put your point across 

Benefit #4:  Timelapse Feature 

It so happens that your video may have some rambling, long explanation content which otherwise could be explained well with Timelapse Feature and makes Video Content more interesting giving a Time Saving feeling to the viewers in the Information explosion age. Thus your viewers can feel they are getting quick info and they would love to watch videos that are Fast and interesting with timelapse feature. 

Benefit #5: Magical Audio Conversion 

Color, theme and Animation Features of the Videos can help Highlight certain points of your video content explained very well. My Editing Team everytime has done amazing Magical things while explaining just the Audio of many clients with Varied Editing techniques of using Multi Colour, themes and After Effects features of Videos Making and Video Editing. 
Links:Adobe Premier Pro Wondershare Filmora Adobe After Effects On your Phone: Inshots App Intro Makers 


What you Mean to Convey can be very effectively done through your Videos but the Edited Videos are 6 times better than those unedited videos, hence always use Editing help before Publishing your Videos.