Balanced power of recovery: Go the professional way for safe intervention

More loss is done because of the wrong therapy instead of no therapy.  Drug and alcohol addicts resist visiting a drug and alcohol digital marketer trainer in India due to associated taboos. Living in a vicious circle of anxiety and addiction, they don’t know how to reach out for support. And, they start drinking, and they never stop.

Trying to undergo self – diagnosis and self – treatment in case of de addiction can be dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms have to be professionally dealt with, or it can lead to more damage. Expert guidance with a team of experienced doctors will make your de addiction safe and effective.

It is advised to use evidence-based treatment plans in the rehabilitation centre in Pune and across the world.  To simplify the complex decision of choosing the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune, we bring you a checklist!

  • Does the centre have multiple and custom treatment plans?
  • What are the reviews?
  • What is the past recovery rate?
  • Are the doctors qualified?
  • Is the environment bias – free?
  • Is the approach holistic including family therapy?
  • Are the staffs available at all times or is it just part – time rehab?


The above- mentioned list isn’t a complete checklist but covers most of the important points to consider before choosing a rehab.

Jagruti Rehab Centre is a certified rehab centre in Pune and Mumbai.  A small clinic in 2006 with 20 beds has now grown up to a 200 bed clinic which is one of the biggest Neuro-Psychological Rehabilitation centre in Maharashtra.

This is how their services align with the requirement of the above checklist:

  • Jagruti begins with one to one counselling where the needs of an addict are understood. A custom plan is made with the best therapy plans which are chosen from the largest pool of therapy options offered by any drug rehabilitation centre in Pune.
  • Our client testimonials on the website (see here: speaks for itself and prove us to be the best rehab centre in Pune.
  • Patients start showing recovery within a few months of rehab care depending on their situations. Proven techniques are used to ensure that treatment is effective for the long run.
  • An expert panel of doctors, Nurses, Psychologist, and Social workers have been providing psychiatric, dementia, de-addiction treatments for more than 16 years.
  • Jagruti provides homely conditions which make the stay more comfortable and help in fast recovery.
  • Regular updates to family or relatives about the progress are updated. Family is also given therapy on how to deal with future issues. Therapies including psychological, cognitive, and behavioural therapies and testing are part of the rehab procedure. They also run a 12-step de-addiction program.
  • Doctors, nurses, attendants are available 24/7 so that each patient gets 360 degrees of attention and the necessary treatment.